Uniform City, a global leader in the uniforms industry, wanted to offer more targeted promotions in order to increase conversion and revenue. Promotions published to the site performed well but Uniform City lacked an efficient way to engage shoppers at various stages of the shopping journey. A static manual coupons page was created to house promotions but it was difficult to keep updated and relied heavily on email marketing. Lack of visibility into offer engagement made promotions testing and optimization difficult and ineffective.



Control and Centralize Promotions

To create a hub for all promotions, Uniform City launched Thrive’s Smart Pages. All marketing teams successfully leveraged Smart Pages to create segmented offers and collect shopper data.

Increase SEO Traffic

To increase SEO traffic and educate shoppers to utilize promotions received directly from them instead of costly 3rd party affiliates, Thrive’s Smart Pages capitalized on their branded coupon keywords.

Improve Promotions Effectiveness

Uniform City kept shoppers more engaged throughout their site experience by leveraging Thrive’s Smart Bar and Smart Button.

Simplify Promotions Management

To avoid time consuming and costly internal graphics design and IT resources, Uniform City leveraged Thrive’s Admin Dashboard to easily schedule & publish offers across the website.

“Thrive’s Promotions Suite makes it incredibly easy to leverage and test promotions throughout the site. Creating a centralized promotional hub of our site has been highly effective in improving site and cart abandonment while simultaneously creating a happier, more loyal customer base. Additionally, my team has been very happy with the level of support we receive from the Thrive team to help drive our business.”


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