Advance Auto Parts (“AAP”), a global leader in the auto parts industry, championed a major site initiative to increase conversion and revenue for its growing online audience. A central part of AAP’s initiative focused on improvements to the digital shopping experience by leveraging more centralized locations to publish targeted promotions . AAP marketing, rebates and loyalty teams operated in silos with respect to promotions management, and suffered from inefficient and costly internal manual processes and resources to manage promotions.


Optimize Promotions Marketing

To drive relevant traffic to these new Promotions Centers on the AAP site, AAP’s merchandising, social, email, loyalty, and rebates teams all supported the new enhanced digital marketing

Launch Targeted Promotions

To showcase sitewide promotions, rebates, and loyalty offers

Simplify Promotions Management

To improve internal communications and avoid inefficient graphics design and IT resources, AAP leveraged Thrive’s Admin Dashboard to easily schedule & publish targeted offers across the website

“Thrive’s Smart Pages has saved us time and internal resources to quickly and easily launch any type of offer to our sitewide, loyalty and rebates audiences, which has proven to be a highly effective strategy in our larger effort to increase conversion and shopper spending.”

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