The Role of Mobile in 2015 eCommerce

Mobile technology has completely changed the way we do business. In 2014, this fact became more apparent than ever. As we get deeper into 2015, we will only see mobile’s dominance go further towards becoming the new normal.

eCommerce sites in particular have begun to rapidly adapt to the dramatic ways that mobile has altered internet business. Most of these changes are great news for eCommerce companies as long as they are willing to prioritize new, mobile-focused strategies.

To help your business growth in both sales and reputation over 2015, here are some mobile statistics to take note of:

Overall Mobile Use

Pew surveys conducted in January of last year indicated that 9 out of 10 Americans own a cell phone and 6 out of 10 own a smartphone — making two thirds of all mobile devices smart phones.

30% of Americans owned an e-reader and 40% owned a tablet. According to the most recent sales data from NetMarketShare, Android devices have just under half of the total smartphone market share, and Apple devices are nearly neck-and-neck but still trailing at 43%. This ratio has been boosted thanks to the iPhone 6 posting record sales over the last several months, actually outselling Android devices by a small margin.

Looking just at people aged 25-34, the number of smartphone owners jumps to 81%. With teens, 70% owned smart phones in 2013. More are predicted to own them by the end of 2015.


eCommerce Mobile Sales


Right now, mobile purchases make up just under a fifth of all eCommerce sales activity. By 2017, the portion is expected to rise to 26%. Total mobile retail sales are expected to reach $133 billion by 2018. Internet sales overall were around $304 billion in 2014.

More people are using their devices to help them make purchases as well. 80% of consumers will use their smartphones to shop. 40% of all shoppers will consult at least three information sites before making a purchase. Over half of shoppers will perform research while in-store to guide their purchase decision.


More Online Shoppers are Reading Community Reviews


Because so many people are using smartphones to shop and while shopping, many brands are focusing on the development of sophisticated strategies that work within the new shopping experience. They recognize that they will not only have to position their online retail services well, but they must also provide a resource for online shoppers.

For instance, online reviews have been used to influence 61% of all shopping decisions, both for online and retail purchases. Brands are seeking to use sophisticated review features along with their eCommerce product listings. This strategy helped people stay on their branded apps or pages rather than visiting potential competitors like Amazon for product reviews.

Based on statistics alone, the tactic seems to be working. Research shows that 26% of overall mobile purchases took place in branded apps, and 33% took place on branded websites as opposed to a general vendor like Alibaba or Amazon. Combined, they make up 59% of overall mobile sales. Keeping audiences on a branded site or app has become an important strategy for converting sales.


Social Media and Mobile Sales


Social media has also become more entwined within mobile sales over the years. Americans have begun to spend more time on social media than any other type of internet activity. 22% of Americans use social networking multiple times per day.

67% of Americans are so involved in their social media activities that they will check for updates even if they have not heard an alert sound or vibration. 75% of Americans even admitted to taking the phone with them to use in the bathroom!

Furthermore, social media is an increasing influence on peoples’ purchase decisions. 71% of Americans are more likely to buy from brands they follow on social media, and 39% of Facebook users like brand pages to research products.

Trends and statistics like these paint a vivid picture of the future. eCommerce businesses in 2015 will most likely be seeking new methods of reaching customers through mobile.

Thrive Commerce wants to help businesses like these succeed with our specialized mobile strategies. We would love to talk about our mobile-optimized deal distribution platform — see our site for more details.

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