How to Handle Smart Mobile Shoppers

Many brands are reaping the benefits of mobile’s surging popularity. Mobile technology has provided people with constant access to online information. Smartphones can create smart shoppers, as well as eager ones. If you can give shoppers new ways of learning about your products and new channels to purchase them with, a mobile strategy can help you drive sales both online and in your brick-and-mortar store.

The Power of Opinion

61% of global internet users research a product online before buying, even if they intend to go to a brick-and-mortar store. To help eCommerce purchasers learn more, businesses are beefing up their products pages with review plug-ins like Yotpo or Gigya. Customers reviewing items provide both social media exposure and a resource for customers to make informed purchase decisions.

In addition to user reviews, business pages are making sure to offer a rich bevy of information online about the products they carry. Rather than just a simple description, customers should be able to know everything about a product — from its key features to its size and weight to complementary products they may want or comparable products within your stock.

Since many customers are browsing for information while already in the store, QR codes are a great resource for in-store shoppers. They can snap a picture of a product tag with their smartphone and pull up the website reviews and information in seconds. Businesses that use strategies like these to keep researchers on their branded page rather than their competitors’ are more likely to convert a sale.

Social on the Go

Mobile internet users surpassed desktop computer users last year. Over 89% of their time spent on mobile was with internet-enabled apps, averaging about 30 minutes a day.

Much of the time people spend in these apps is on ever-popular social media apps like Facebook or Twitter. Social media offers a great chance to sit down with your phone for a few minutes and catch up on what your friends and favorite celebrities or brands are up to.

Brands can harness this love of mobile social browsing by crafting an approachable online presence. Branded Facebook pages or Twitter and Instagram accounts can be one of the many personalities that a mobile user interacts with.

This mobile interaction can help generate sales. Mobile users often find themselves wanting to shop or learn about products while passing time out and about. 19% of all eCommerce purchases in the US were made via mobile, and in Britain this figure is even higher at 24%.

Businesses can use their social media posts to help drive traffic to their product pages or to help generate shares for their product-related content. If a business is crafty enough, they could even persuade a customer to swing by the retail store while they are out on the town with a timely sales announcement.

Cross Promoting Physical and Online Retail

If you have both an online store and a physical one, you can help one hand wash the other through digital cross promotions. The easiest way to utilize this strategy is to offer an in-store only coupon as a thank you to customers who have just made a purchase online.

Another way to get online customers to your store is by using loyalty programs. Much of the coupon phenomenon is driven by gaming psychology. If you provide your shoppers with a mobile loyalty program that rewards each purchases with points, you can create special in store redemption awards.

iBeacons and a Bright Future

Another way to offer a unique in-store experience compared to online shopping is to use new technology like iBeacons. An iBeacon can be set up in stores to “ping” people with smartphones nearby that are using a s retailer’s app with offers or information about a product.

This feature makes shopping exciting. Someone who was thinking about getting a product online but wanted to see it for themselves can suddenly receive an unexpected discount during their visit. Random offers like these also encourage repeat foot traffic, much like how a slot machine payout can make someone want to keep playing more.

These techniques are not overly sophisticated, but they can have a huge impact on increasing the sales of both your online and physical retail spaces. Keep an open mind and try new things to let mobile technology help drive your store’s success. To learn even more about growing your eCommerce brand, visit our website.

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